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explore : Building Management

Building management includes IBMS (Integrated Building Management Systems) and related components like HVAC,Fire Safety, CCTV Surveillance, EMS, Controllers, Thermostats, Actuators etc

explore : Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods are the products being used by any individual at home and offices. Like Fans, Purifiers, grooming products, Home appliances, Geyser, Cooler, Kitchen Solutions like chimney etc..

explore : Electrical

Right from Electricity Generation to Electricity Distribution, all the components like Generators, Turbine, HV/MV/LV Switchgears,Protection Devices, Switch & Sockets, Cable, Wire, machines like motors, pumps etc.

explore : Lighting & Controls

Lighting & Controls covers vast range of products like different kind of outdoor and indoor lights, Home Automation, Lighting Management Sensors, Lighting Controls & Automation, Poles , Gazebo & Pergola etc.

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