Legrand – Busbar System – Zucchini

Busbar System ( BBT) LB PLUS –  BUSBAR FROM 25, 40 TO 63 A – Light & Power LB PLUS DATA – BUSBAR FROM 25, 40 TO 63 A – The new busbar trunking system for LIGHTING MANAGEMENT MINISBARRE (MS) – BUSBAR FROM 63, 100 AND 160 A – The compact solution for medium power […]

Schneider Electric – iBusway for lighting management

iBusway for lighting management More comfort for users A well-lit workstation directly affects the well-being of employees and their quality of work, not to mention safety. And more energy efficient Lighting management optimises the use of devices to achieve a signifi cant reduction in electricity consumption.

Schneider Electric – Canalis KSC 160 – 800 A

Canalis KSC 160 – 800 A With Canalis KS, you obtain all the modularity, engineering design and innovation developed by the world leader in electricity distribution. This range of busbar trunking comprises: > a large choice of ratings > customized elements adapted to your installation constraints > protection devices to ensure continuity of service and […]

Schneider Electric – Canalis KSA 100-1000 A

Canalis KSA 100-1000 A In decentralized distribution, evolving operating requirements and costs are integrated right from the start. The addition, relocation or replacement of load equipment can be carried out quickly, without de-energizing the supply trunking or shutting down operation. The cost of making such changes is greatly reduced: – loads are located close to […]

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