Building Management

Schneider Electric – KNX System – Building Control Systems

KNX is the intelligent building control system for all areas in which your customers live and work. From single-family houses to office complexes, the comprehensive portfolio of KNX solutions from Schneider Electric enables you to achieve flexible, energy- efficient, comfortable and safe solutions that are easy to plan, install and operate.

Schneider Electric – Clipsal C-Bus

About CLIPSAL Established in 1920, Clipsal by Schneider Electric is Australia’s number one brand of electrical products, accessories and solutions for the residential, commercial, industrial, data, home control and energy management markets. Clipsal has evolved and grown from its Adelaide base with great success by supporting the local economy and providing products manufactured at multiple […]

Schneider Electric – Specialist Products ( Valve & Actuators)

Specialist Products VZ22, VZ32, VZ42, MZ18A, MZ18B, MZ18L, MZ95, V222, V321 , VZX, MZX, MBF, M315, MG350S, MZ300S, MC52 , MP140, MP200, MR90, M22, M50, TR32 / TR60 Transformer Specialist products provide solutions for our wide installation base or the more demanding hydronic applications, such as globe and zone valves capable of handling higher pressure […]

Schneider Electric – Damper Actuators

Damper Actuators MD5A, MD10A, MD20A, MD40A, MD5B, MD10B, MD20B, MD40B, LF24, LF230, LF24-SR, MD10 SR, MD20 SR, MD40 ER A wide program of damper actuator products are available from Schneider Electric, enabling the control of air movement from the smallest to the very largest air handling equipment. Intelligent torque control is used in the motors […]

Schneider Electric – Shoe Valves and Actuators

Shoe Valves and Actuators  : MB, VTRE, RM, XRM, EM9, M9B Shoe valves are the ideal type of valve for recirculation systems, allowing control of the fluid flow in both mixing and diverting circuits. Typical applications include heating, cooling and air conditioning.

Schneider Electric – Globe Valve and Actuators

Globe Valves V241, VG210R 15-50B, V211T, V211, V212T, V212, VGS211F 15-100CS, VG221F 65-150C, V231, V232, V292, V341, VG310R 15-50B, V311T, V311, VG311F 65-150C Globe Valve Actuators MG350, MG350C, Forta M310, M400, M800, M1500 and M3000 , Forta MG900 SR, Forta MG600C, MG600C-SR, MV15B, Forta M700 – Spring Return

Schneider Electric – Radiator Valve Actuators

Radiator Valve Actuators : MR95, MZ09L Our selection of short stroke valve actuators is designed for BMS automation of fluid control in radiators and under floor heating manifolds. The Schneider Electric range provides a dependable discreet design in every variant.

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