Legrand – ALPX3

The Alpx³ range of capacitors includes: Alpx³ Resin filled can type capacitors Alpx³ Resin filled box type capacitors Alpican gas filled capacitors Detuned Reactor Power factor controller Eco (4,6,8 and 12 Step) CTX3 capacitor switching units

Legrand – Alpivar & Alpican

Alpivar & Alpican :- Reactive Energy Compensation The available power in an electrical supply system comprises of active power and reactive power. While active power results in the form of actual work, the reactive power is used to maintain the magnetic field. The power factor is an indicator of reactive power which is always an […]

Schneider Electric – Power Factor Correction ( All Products)

Power Factor Correction is required to manage Reactive energy In electrical networks, reactive energy results in increased line currents for a given active energy transmitted to loads. The main consequences are: Need for oversizing of transmission and distribution networks by utilities, Increased voltage drops and sags along the distribution lines, Additional power losses. This results […]

Schneider Electric – TeSys Capacitor Duty Contactor

TeSys contactors For switching 3-phase capacitor banks, used for power factor correction Direct connection without choke inductors. Special contactors LC1 D•K are designed for switching 3-phase, single- or multiple-step capacitor banks. They comply with standards IEC 60070 and 60831, NFC 54-100, VDE 0560, UL and CSA.

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