Legrand – CTX3 RTX3 & MPX3

CTX3 RTX3 MPX3 CTX³ contactors and RTX³ thermal relays up to 800 A MPX³ motor PROTECTION circuit breakers up to 100A There are requirements for control and protection of motors in all sectors: heating, ventilation and air conditioning in commercial buildings; pumps, compressors, conveyors and machines in industrial buildings, etc. Legrand’s new contactors, thermal relays […]

Schneider Electric – Contactors, OLR Relays & Motor Starters

Motor Starter Enclosed starters: TeSys Vario, GV, LE, LG, LJ, LF Open pre-cabled motor starters Ultra-compact starters: TeSys H All-in-one motor starters: TeSys U All-in-one motor starters: Integral 63 Complementary technical information: coordination and standards Components Power busbar systems: Linergy BZ, HK Switch-disconnectors: TeSys Vario Fuse carriers: TeSys DF, LS, GK Switch-disconnectors fuses: TeSys GS […]

Schneider Electric – TeSys Capacitor Duty Contactor

TeSys contactors For switching 3-phase capacitor banks, used for power factor correction Direct connection without choke inductors. Special contactors LC1 D•K are designed for switching 3-phase, single- or multiple-step capacitor banks. They comply with standards IEC 60070 and 60831, NFC 54-100, VDE 0560, UL and CSA.

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