Mitsubishi Electric – FREQROL-CS80

FREQROL-CS80 Various Functions in a Small Body Compact and Smart Inverter Side-by-side installation is possible*. Three FR-CS84-01260 inverters can be installed in space for two conventional models to save space. A DIN rail installation attachment (FR-UDA[][]) option can be used. (excluding inverters FR-CS84-120 to 295)

Mitsubishi Electric – FR-XC Series

FR-XC Single Solution for Both Harmonic Suppression and Power Regeneration Choose the suitable function for your needs by using the FR-XC converter with the FR-XCB or FR-XCL reactor.

Mitsubishi Electric – FR-F800 Series

INVERTER FR-F800 Enhanced Next-Generation Energy-Saving Inverter [Ethernet communication model added to the line-up • Energy saving • Functions ideal for fans and pumps • Security & safety • Compatibility with the environment • Easy setup & operation

Mitsubishi Electric – FR-F700PJ Series

F700PJ • Suitable for Both the General-purpose Motor and the IPM Motor • Inverter Control for Energy Saving • Wire and Space Saving • Easy Operation and Maintenance • Optimum for Fan and Pump Application

Mitsubishi Electric – FR-F700 Series

FR-F700 : The effect of energy savings is obvious The effect of energy savings can be confirmed using the operation panel, output terminal (FM, AM terminal) and via networks with the newly developed energy saving monitor.

Mitsubishi Electric – FR-E800 Series

FR-E800—World’s smallest class inverter with high functionality Ever since the Industrial Revolution, manufacturing technologies have evolved over the years. And now, this is the time for new revolution. A new era has started. Inverters are connected to the world. We design future manufacturing and what’s ahead.

Mitsubishi Electric – FR-E700 Series

INVERTER FR-E700 All-rounder with a compact body (Addition of Ethernet communication function models) • Top level of driving performance in compact body • Easy operability • Extensive option lineup • Ensured maintenance • Compact and space-saving • Supporting various applications

Mitsubishi Electric – FR-D700 Series

The FR-D700 series is compliant to the EU Machinery Directive without the addition of previously required external devices. Operation of an external Emergency Stop device results in a highly reliable immediate shutoff of the D700’s output to the motor.

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