Legrand – RX3

RX3 MCBs and RCCBs are ISI marked , thus ensuring that the product has gone through stringent quality tests. RX3 also has CE marking RX3 MCB RX3 Isolator RX3 RCCB  

Legrand – DUO BOXX

DUO BOXX – Distribution Boards features: Easy to Open Prevents Dust from entering in DB Strong Mechanism Matches the Aesthetics

Legrand – Ekinox³

Ekinox³- Distribution Board (DB) Ekinox³ SPN DB’s Ekinox³ ETPN DB’s Ekinox³ Flexy DB Ekinox³ TPN DB-VTPN DB’s Ekinox³ TPN DB-VTPN DPX³ 160 MCCB DB’s Ekinox³ TPN DB-VTPN DPX³ 250 MCCB DB’s Ekinox³ TPN DB-Phase Selector DB’s Ekinox³ TPN DB – 7 segment DB’s Ekinox³ TPN DB – 7 segment DB’s for MCCB Ekinox³ Metra Plug […]

Legrand – DX3 |CX3 | EMDX3 |SPD

DX3 : A COMPLETE SOLUTION MCB DX³ – MCB – AC Application upto 63 A DX³ – MCB – AC Application from 80-125 A DX³ – MCB – DC Application upto 63 A DX³ – 16 kA MCB – from 63 A to 125 A DX³ – 25 kA MCB – from 6 A to […]

North-West (Wipro) – ELITE (Distribution Boards, MCB & RCCB)

North-West (Wipro) – ELITE (Distribution Boards, MCB & RCCB) safeguarding you and your assets In the rapidly evolving lifestyle, life comes packaged with hi-end gadgets and appliances, where the only constant element is power and its use at every corner of our homes. Safety, therefore, becomes more critical as our family and their protection is […]

Schneider Electric – Acti9K

Acti 9K : Distribution boards, MCB, RCCB, and Isolator Distribution Boards SPN DBs ( A9K) TPN DBs ( A9K) Protections Devices MCB B & C Curves ( A9K) RCCB  (A9K) Isolators (A9K)

Schneider Electric – Multi9

Multi9 : Final level of protection in electrical distribution 9 Series The 9 Series delivers the final level of protection in the electrical distribution in homes and buildings, allowing our customers to feel safe everywhere at every moment. The 9 Series delivers peace of mind and energy management tailored to our customers’ lifestyles and businesses. […]

Schneider Electric – Easy9

Easy 9 : Distribution boards and Protection devices Easy9 SPN DB Easy9 TPN DB Easy9 VTPN DBs Easy9 Phase Selector DBs Easy9 Metal Enclosures Easy9 Plug and Socket Units Easy9 Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) Easy9 Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) Easy9 Isolator    

Schneider Electric – Acti9 Circuit Breakers

Acti9 Low voltage Components MCB ( Miniature Circuit Breakers) Acti9 iC40N Circuit Breakers ( MCB) iC60N double terminals circuit breakers (curve B, C, D) iC60H double terminals circuit breakers (curve B, C, D) iC60L circuit breakers (curve B, C, K, Z) C120N circuit breakers (curves B,C, D) C120H circuit breakers (curves B, C, D) NG125N […]

Schneider Electric – Acti9 Distribution Boards (DB)

Acti 9 Distribution Boards Metal Enclosures SPN DBs TPN DBs Per Phase Isolation (PPI) DBs Flexi Tier DBs Phase Segregated DBs Vertical TPN DBs (VTPN DBs) with Modular incomer Vertical TPN DBs (VTPN DBs) with MCCB incomer Comm Ready DBs Metal Clad P&S Units PK P&S Units (with provision to mount PK socket)

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