Legrand – DRX MCCB

The Indian ecosystem is value-conscious and seeks a solution that works to address their needs to help them manage their budgets and resources better. With the DRX series, greater value is easily within reach. DRX 250HP Adjustable Version DRX 630 Adjustable Version DRX 250HP Electronic S2 Version DRX 250HP Electronic Sg Version DRX 630 Electronic […]

Legrand – DPX3 MCCB

DPX3 – Precise protection and measurement up to 1600 A DPX3 160 MCCBs DPX3 250 MCCBs DPX3 630 MCCBs DPX3 1600 MCCBs DPX3 Automatic transfer switch (ATS)

Schneider Electric – PowerPact Multistandard

PowerPact Multistandard: Moulded Case Circuit breakers (MCCB) 15 A – 600 A The PowerPact Multistandard circuit breakers are designed to protect electrical systems from damage caused by overloads and short circuits. Multistandard circuit breakers are available with either thermal-magnetic or Micrologic electronic trip units. L-frame circuit breakers are available with Micrologic electronic trip unit. Multistandard […]

Schneider Electric – EasyPact EZC

EasyPact EZC Moulded-case circuit breakers from 15 to 630 A So easy, so simple With just three sizes of circuit breakers, Schneider Electric’s EasyPact EZC system is the simple, universal solution to fit all low-voltage protection needs. The fixed version is particularly adapted to the OEM and Building markets, offering optimum performance at a competitive […]

Schneider Electric – EasyPact CVS

EasyPact CVS Moulded-case circuit breakers and switch-disconnectors from 16 to 630 A EasyPact CVS is…Safe Isolation EasyPact CVS circuit breakers are suitable for Isolation* as defined in IEC standards 60947-2 .The aim of isolation is to separate a circuit or apparatus from the remainder of a system which is energized in order the personnel may […]

Schneider Electric – Pact Series : for DC application (Solar)

In This Catalog ComPact NSX DC : MCCB ( Molded Case Circuit Breaker) ComPact INS/INV DC: Switch Disconnector MasterPact NW DC : ACB ( Air Circuit Breaker) DC – DC PV A complete DC offer from 16 to 4000 A ComPact NSX, ComPact INS/INV and MasterPact NW direct current (DC) circuit breakers are used to […]

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