North-West (Wipro) – Venia

VENIA – The Sleek Performer Moving ahead with the legacy, North-West brings to your Vinea, a first-time experience which gives you the taste of something that is familiar, yet brand new.

North-West (Wipro) – Stylus +

Stylus+  – Double fitment for enhanced safety Stylus+ comes with the benefit of dual fitment mechanism which facilitates by holding all the module firmly onto the base frame.

North-West (Wipro) – NOWA

NOWA innovative . safe . reliable . North-West believes in delivering solutions that enable a satisfactory and safe use of their switches. the development of NOWA mapped all the common user requirements and translated them as distinctive features to offer more benefits and added value to its user.

North-West (Wipro) – Z-NXT Home Automation

Z-NXT Home Automation: Intelligent Homes by Wipro Simply put, it is technology that makes all the appliances in our Home Intelligent. It seamlessly integrates Lighting, air conditioners, Geysers, curtains, safety accessories, IP cameras, music control, home theatre etc. Imagine your air conditioner going to Internet for weather information and change its mode automatically, that is […]

North-West (Wipro) – ELITE (Distribution Boards, MCB & RCCB)

North-West (Wipro) – ELITE (Distribution Boards, MCB & RCCB) safeguarding you and your assets In the rapidly evolving lifestyle, life comes packaged with hi-end gadgets and appliances, where the only constant element is power and its use at every corner of our homes. Safety, therefore, becomes more critical as our family and their protection is […]

North-West (Wipro) – Convex

Convex is a perfect integration of classic design and modern technology. By combining superior electrical engineering technology and elegant aesthetics, it offers a wide range of metal plates, boxes, and plastic enclosures for surface mounting.

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