Power Factor Correction

Legrand – ALPX3

The Alpx³ range of capacitors includes: Alpx³ Resin filled can type capacitors Alpx³ Resin filled box type capacitors Alpican gas filled capacitors Detuned Reactor Power factor controller Eco (4,6,8 and 12 Step) CTX3 capacitor switching units

Schneider Electric – AccuSine+

AccuSine+ : Active harmonic filtering and electronic VAR control AccuSine solutions solve a wide range of power quality problems. AccuSine PCSn AccuSine PCS+ AccuSine PFV+

Schneider Electric – Power Factor Correction ( All Products)

Power Factor Correction is required to manage Reactive energy In electrical networks, reactive energy results in increased line currents for a given active energy transmitted to loads. The main consequences are: Need for oversizing of transmission and distribution networks by utilities, Increased voltage drops and sags along the distribution lines, Additional power losses. This results […]

Schneider Electric – TeSys Capacitor Duty Contactor

TeSys contactors For switching 3-phase capacitor banks, used for power factor correction Direct connection without choke inductors. Special contactors LC1 D•K are designed for switching 3-phase, single- or multiple-step capacitor banks. They comply with standards IEC 60070 and 60831, NFC 54-100, VDE 0560, UL and CSA.

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