Wiring Devices

North-West (Wipro) – Venia

VENIA – The Sleek Performer Moving ahead with the legacy, North-West brings to your Vinea, a first-time experience which gives you the taste of something that is familiar, yet brand new.

North-West (Wipro) – Stylus +

Stylus+  – Double fitment for enhanced safety Stylus+ comes with the benefit of dual fitment mechanism which facilitates by holding all the module firmly onto the base frame.

North-West (Wipro) – NOWA

NOWA innovative . safe . reliable . North-West believes in delivering solutions that enable a satisfactory and safe use of their switches. the development of NOWA mapped all the common user requirements and translated them as distinctive features to offer more benefits and added value to its user.

North-West (Wipro) – Convex

Convex is a perfect integration of classic design and modern technology. By combining superior electrical engineering technology and elegant aesthetics, it offers a wide range of metal plates, boxes, and plastic enclosures for surface mounting.

Legrand – Axolute

Axolute switches are sophisticated and come in different textures and finishes. Give your interiors a touch of class. A true premium class.

Legrand – Britzy

Britzy offer a complete and customizable range of products. With switches and sockets, blank plates, data and voice connectors, electronic functions like fan regulators and buzzers, hotel functions and more. The range can easily be adapted to any kind of interiors. Perfect for your office, store and home.

Legrand – Lyncus

LYNCUS Our homes are changing at a speed like never before. What’s cutting edge today is outdated tomorrow. In this landscape, Legrand is developing ever new technologies and bringing them to consumers. In labs across the world, Legrand is always busy researching and developing new products in electrical and digital building infrastructure. More than 5% […]

Legrand – Mylinc

Mylinc Switches, with unique form factor, can transform walls. They let you surf, regulate, charge, control, and do so much more.

Legrand – Arteor IOT

Increasing digitalization and network solutions are making our lives ever simpler and more convenient, as technology transforms the way we work, commute, travel and live at home. But greater possibilities also bring greater complexity. That is why Legrand, in developing Arteor range, has sought to make networked digital technology as easy as possible, for designer, […]

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